Emmet Till Essay

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Central Idea and Purpose The central purpose of all three pieces of media, The civil rights documentary, the news article on Emmet Till, and the song about Till all were created to show the racism that was prevalent at the time. The documentary discusses the murder of Dr king and lynching that took place in the deep south and wanted the viewer to see that during the 1960’s being black was incredibly unfair. You weren’t given the same rights as the white’s and it really wants you to look back and think about how horrible people were and how horrible people were and just how bad it was. The two articles about Emmet Till are very different. One is how the story of Emmet Till inspired the author to study law and pursue his case and find out who was on the jury and then ask questions about why the decision to let the two men who murdered Till off. The 2nd article is more like the documentary. It portrayed Emmet as very innocent (which he was) and wanted people to feel emotion and look back and think about the even and why it was just so awful. The third piece of media is the song. The songs main idea was to also show how awful the south was and how they murdered and mutilated an innocent boy. It also sings about how the trial was unfair. The jurors were people that helped kill the boy. It was so corrupt and the song wants you to understand
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