Emmet Till Essay

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Emmett Till Essay William 1st Period Civics Many things have happened in our country some good some bad. Good may be when this country had its first president or when we established a government. There was also the bad such as the Boston Bombing and the murder of a fourteen year old black boy who visited family in Mississippi. This murder was a pivotal moment and this means that it was of vital or critical importance an example of this is the murder at the movie theater in Colorado. The killing in the movie theater was pivotal because it showed us that we need to be more cautious with our gun safety and who is allowed to by a weapon. The United States in the 1950s was terrible but Emmett’s death stood out the most, it was made pivotal throughout the years by individual people everywhere, and it impacted many people’s lives white and black. The United States in the 1950s was full of lynching, the Jim Crow laws, and was full of civil rights movements. Lynchings were not just the murder of blacks but whites too. Lynching was a terrible time in our country that has been suppressed. Lynching is to put to death by mob and without legal authority. This means that it is not illegal to do this kind of stuff this was like a social gathering event in the south that almost everyone was a part of. In lynchings they were tortured than killed or just killed they would kill them in any way they could hanging, burning, tar, and shooting them. There were also special laws in the south called “Jim Crow Laws” these laws that were just for blacks to follow. The name “Jim Crow” comes from an actor who would paint his face black and be an over exaggerated stereotypical black character. So these laws were full of things like “A black male could not offer his hand (to shake hands) with a white male” this was because they thought it meant being socially equal and there is more
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