Emma and Clueless Essay

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From my viewing I have seen that the context of the novel ‘Emma’ has great influential motivation towards Heckering’s film. The following indicates the ways ‘Emma’ has influenced and its understanding and meanings. Heckering has stuck to the main focus of ‘Emma’ the novel, which is the journey of the misinterpretation, Irony, matchmaking and mingling from the High social class intelligent, Emma Woodhouse. This is portrayed through the main character of clueless, Cher Horowitz. Cher is conceited and hates when she is not have power. In relation to Emma Woodhouse, Heckering has hit the spot. However, in Heckerings’ film Cher is not very intelligent, this is shown when Cher bluntly debates with confidence on a topic she clearly does not understand. Un-researched and unreasoned for, with no preparation, it shows she is far from Emma Woodhouse in intelligence. We are also introduced so far to Mr Mel Horowitz (Mr Woodhouse), Ty (Harriet), Skater Boy (Mr Martin) Elton, (Mr Elton) and Josh (Mr Knightly). Mel Horowitz, as similarities apply, Mr Horowitz is also a widower in the film cares for education and loves his daughter. But however, in very large differences between the two, Heckering has portrayed Mr Horowitz as a mean man, cruel and always busy; all he really cares for is money. This is the complete opposite of Mr Woodhouse, a nice, caring man who at times is unable to care for himself, without work and enjoys the company and kindness of people. Mr Horowitz shows us his cruelness differs from Mr Woodhouses’ kindness when introduced to Miss Ty, and cruelly tells her to get out of his seat. Heckering has changed a lot about Mr Woodhouse in her film. Ty, the typical lower class girl, with no money and not very intelligent or with good looks, Heckering has shown a lot of Miss Harriet Smith, similarly, Ty is a close pictured Harriet Smith, however Ty does drugs

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