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Emily Dickinson The Quietest People have the Loudest Minds. Being a poet takes hard work and dedication. But, that mountain was easy to climb over for Emily Dickinson. Writing poetry was one of her specialties, as we can tell from the over 1800 poems that she wrote during her spare time. Emily Dickinson was a very influential American poet and will be remembered in history for a long time. Life started for young Emily Elizabeth Dickinson at five o’clock AM on December 10, 1830 (Longsworth 12). Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, in the brick Dickinson homestead on Main Street. (Longsworth, 11). Emily Dickinson was born to proud parents, Emily Norcross Dickinson, who was her mother, and Edward Dickinson, her father (Emily Dickinson Website, Emily Dickinson Museum.org). Emily Dickinson wasn’t the only child of the Dickinson family. William Austin was one and a half when Emily was born, and Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson’s third child, Lavinia Norcoss was born was Emily was two years old. The three, very close in age and interests, completed the Dickinson family (Longsworth 12). When Emily was nine years old, her father’s political power was growing rapidly, along with the family, so they moved to a new home on what is now North Pleasant Street in Amherst, Massachusetts (Emily Dickinson Website, Emily Dickinson Museum.org). Like any other child, Emily enjoyed many different things. Some of her favorite things she enjoyed to do were baking, attending school, reading books, learning to school, playing pianos, and writing letters. But what really topped the list of her favorite things was surprisingly, gardening (Emily Dickinson Website, Emily Dickinson Museum.org). Emily definitely grew up to be a strong and independent women. Unlike most young ladies in the nineteenth century, Emily had amazing schooling, although it was not unusual for ladies

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