Emilys Isolation Essay

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Emily's Isolation Having to deal with someone who is in their own world, their own different state of mind rather than the regular thoughts people have is difficult. Emily Grierson seems to be a woman who keeps to herself, and those who are closest to her such as her father, Tobe, and at one point Homer Barron; once those ones who are close to her vanish she resorts to closing off her life in eventual complete isolation from the outside world until her death. Emily being the way she is, it makes the townspeople want to have an understanding for her situation, but they cannot seem ti find a way to put up with the consequences from the way she acts around the people of the town ans also how she treats them. The townspeople all come a census of something they don't like of Emily and go to the Board of Aldermen and ask them to do something about the problem that she is causing in the town. A smell started to develop and the base of it was specifically Emily's kitchen, so they say. One of Emily's neighbors complains to the Mayor and soon to follow a few more complaints came in about the smell, thinking that a law was being broken with the odor. They tired to go about telling her in a way she'll understand and do something about it. “After a week or two the smell went away(92)”. The people go about dealing with Miss Emily so awkwardly and it shows. More than likely this makes her want to keep more and more to herself, and not trust others. Among the townspeople who do not know how to handle Miss Emily is Colonel Sartoris. He seems to, in a way, get where Emily is coming from and understands her state of mind. This may be the reason people complain about her. He tries his best to make up an excuse for her, and make the problem seem light and not such a big deal. A simple example may be when people came to complain about the smell coming from Emily's house, he

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