Emily Grierson Research Paper

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Emily Grierson lives a life of loneliness and denial. Because of her family name and its importance to the town, she is defined my its prominence. Her father isolates her from all social connections in the town. Finally, she has gone mad towards the end of her life because of being secluded for a good portion of her life. Emily is defined and isolated by her families prominence, her father's obsession, and madness. Being a Grierson, Emily is both identified and sequestered by her families notoriety. People of the town act different toward her than they would any other person. For instance, the Mayor wouldn't tell Emily straight to her face that her house smelled, she secretly had to stop the smell. She was brought up to believe that her family was better than others. Her father would deny many young men who he said were not "good enough" for her. Also because her family's rank in the community if it were to fall it would fall hard. This it did, after her…show more content…
Because Mr. Grierson denied her of love during her days of youth, she didn't know better but to listen to his word. The people of the town knew that with nothing left she would cling to that which had robbed her. Since the towns people knew about this, they were not surprised with Emily's actions, but felt sorrow for her. For example, after Mr. Grierson pasted away she didn't tell anyone about it, in fact she denied his death and kept his body until she was forced to give it up. After her father's death she found a new love, a Northerner by the name of Homer Barron, who took the place of Mr. Grierson. Homer was very popular in town and Emily was jealous of this; her attitude toward him was an "if I can't have him than no one can," attitude, which in the end ended up the same way as her father did. Emily's loss of sanity played a major part in shaping the way that she lived her
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