Emily Dickinson Essay

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Emily Dickinson Many beings take life too literal. By doing this, they fail to notice the beauty of indirect suggestion. Symbolism uses this to express ideas, emotions, and state of mind. Those that use symbolism, tend to dig deeper into life and pull out the details. Emily Dickinson often expressed her interpretation of life using symbolism. Growing up, Emily Dickinson never ceased to express her artistic character. “She also revealed in a love of nature that was a foundation of her family’s daily life”. She was an ardent botanist, and often catalogued her flowers, which inspired her poetry. She often used nature in her poems by describing the world as a small leaf, a blade of grass, or an insect. Some of her nature induced word includes, The bee is not afraid of me, I know the butterfly, The pretty people in the woods, and Receive me cordially. Forced to grow up at a young age because of her mother’s constant illnesses, Emily was very different from other girls her age. As like today many of them were occupied concerning themselves with fashion and social activities, Emily was living her days as inspiring philosopher (McChesney). Emily Expressed her artistic ability every chance she could receive. Emily Dickinson had many talents, but was most dedicated to her writings. She had an immense amount of talents, Emily sang, played the piano, and she had a wonderful sense of humor (MacLeish 17). Although she studied most of her days and was amongst the smartest in her family, Emily dropped out of school (MacLeish 16). Emily was skilled in English and knew how to manipulate words into beautiful pieces (MacLeish 135). When Emily started writing, she was so dedicated to her work that she would only wear white because washing colored or patterned clothing would take up more time (MacLeish 45). Emily experienced many deaths involving friends and family (MacLeish 20).

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