Emily Bronte Essay

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| 2012 | | Makhallie drain Period 3 English Writer paper | [emily bronte] | Drain 1 Emily Bronte Authors use life experiences and the people around them to create unusual characters and places. Most can take these things happening around them and turn it into multiple situations. Authors may seem to be very secluded and isolated. However, these tactics can produce some of their greatest works. For example, Emily Bronte was a quiet and reserved young lady. She proved that by being quiet and observant, a great novel can be produced. Emily Jane Bronte was the daughter of Reverend Patrick Bronte, and Maria Branwell. She was born on July 30, 1818 in Thornton Yorkshire, England. Emily is the fifth out of six children, and the only daughter to be given a middle name. Emily had four sisters and one brother. Emily was a very quiet child who liked to isolate herself. Due to her being so simple and soft spoken, not much is known about her personality and views (Emily Biography 2). When Emily was six years old her father moved the family to Hawthorn, a little village nestled in the windswept moors, in west Yorkshire. Hawthorn is an isolated area geographically. They moved there in 1820, because Emily’s father was a curacy (The office, duties, or term of office of a curate). A short time after moving to Hawthorn Emily’s mother died, after a long battle with cancer. She died on September15, 1821. About a month later, Maria’s sister Elizabeth moved into the parsonage at Hawthorn to help care for the six children (sherry 28). Emily and her siblings were educated starting at an early age. They started out being taught at home. After a while Emily’s father decided his son was not the only one who needs a good education. First he sent his two oldest daughters to the Clergy Daughters School, in Lanshire. A short time later Emily and her sister Charlotte were also
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