Emiliano Zapata Essay

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Gustave Dene Cummings A Block May 15th 2008 The Tragic Mexican Robin Hood “In tight black pants with giant silver buttons along the outer seam of each leg, an embroidered leather or cotton jacket, a silk handkerchief tied loosely around his neck, silver spurs, a pistol at his waist and, to top it off, a wide felt sombrero with a flowered border, Emiliano Zapata was impressive and clearly more than a little vain” (Brunk 23). Emiliano Zapata stood out among his comrades; he truly had the look and personality of a genuine hero. He was a rebel man who experienced the hardships of Mexico at its great heights. Zapata recognized his nations problems first as a child when he was growing up in his hometown of Morelos in southern Mexico. There he recognized great difficulties with his family’s survival. It was because of Porfirio Diaz and Mexico’s politicians that Zapata and his fellow campesinos, or peasants, had such a difficult time living as agriculturalists. They took away any hope of peasants earning a decent living because of their critical laws and unjust actions. The lower classes lived like slaves under political law, not being able to spend ones time with his or her children and with just enough food to make it by. Politics and new economic law threatened a villager’s survival as prices for food rose and wages were in decline. Because Zapata had lived through poverty and asperity during his childhood, he could not stand it when he was an adult and had to rebel. He fought because he could not stand the fact that his people were over-run by prestigious rich farmers, his people were desperate. He was named the “Mexican Robin Hood” for his great charisma to his people, fighting for their rights and for his country’s future. When Zapata was elected president of his village it was because “the villagers
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