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Emerging technology used by referees – A study on the needs, effects and future of Football A Research Paper on Football related Technologies By Nischay Jain Symbiosis International University, SCMS, Pune Abstract In the recent past, football industry has had various debates on use of technology in assisting referees in the game and various arguments have come from both sides. Goal line technology (GLT), which uses Hawkeye technology to trace the path and position of the ball in play and helps allow or disallow a goal, depending upon whether the ball has crossed the goal line, has even been implemented in a significant number of leagues. With this approval, various new technologies are being tested. FIFA, the apex governing…show more content…
Germany went on to win the match 4-1. FIFA initially refused to indulge in any debate regarding the same, but International Player’s Union - FifPro, fans and supporters of countries like England and Mexico had already started voicing in favour of introduction of GLT. The issue got attention from FIFA and finally in July 2012, after testing it for nine months in four different European countries, in a special meeting at its headquarters FIFA finally decided that the Goal-line technology was ready to be used. Since then the GLT has been successfully used in several International events including the World Cup 2014 and various domestic leagues and cups like Barclays Premier League. This opens a new horizon for identifying other areas in football to implement technology rather than just using it to decide if a goal should be awarded or not. These fields include the offside decision, fouls, penalties, corners and free-kicks, etc. Questions regarding the role of the fourth match official have also risen since then. More importantly, the big questions that arise after such implementation, and the biggest worry for FIFA today…show more content…
The Need Implementation of Goal-line Technology and the decade long debate behind it clearly indicate towards a specific need in modern day football, that is, the errors made in decision making by human judgement has been continuously identified using replays and this error needs to be rectified using the same technology. The advocates of GLT have also pointed out similar errors like the goal scored by Carlos Tevez against Mexico in 2010 World Cup from an offside position was awarded even after the whole stadium, including the players and referees had seen the replay on the big screen. Since referees are not allowed to rely on replays or video images, referee Roberto Rosetti awarded the goal which shouldn’t have been allowed, he knew. The flaws of the system couldn’t be highlighted more evidently and situations couldn’t possibly worsen than this, where referee make decisions which they know to be wrong and which are backed up by solid

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