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Simple Getaways, Inc. – An Overview Simple Getaways, Inc. (SGI) has started with a single office in California and with several years of growth, it expanded to twelve offices with an employee count of 270. It has offices throughout the world including U.S., Seychelles and Fiji. The current Data Storage and communications aspects of the Company are adequate for a single office but not fulfilling the needs of the entire Company. This proposal solves the needs for communication between branches, Data transfer and sharing within and between offices, File Storage and management and Administration workflow automation. Challenges affecting SGI’s key stakeholders The current way of communication and information distribution processes of Simple Getaways is not suitable for the company. Right now the company uses email to share files between branches. This resulted into duplicate copies of the same document in the various computers of different branches. When the original document is modified, the other old versions of the same document are not getting updated with the changes and so various versions of the same document resulted. Each office stores its own documents onsite on a Microsoft Windows File Server and other branches cannot access and use the data between offices. One of the main issues is the decision making process always goes wrong, because of the data being used from the outdated documents. Another issue is the documents are not real-time updated. In this scenario, since the price of airline tickets changes regularly, but the staff uses an old version of a document with old pricing data for the customer’s request for price quote. Using wrong data in these transactions results into monetary losses for the company. Also the company has to fulfill the quote terms though it used outdated price information. The corporate office finds it very difficult to merge

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