Emerging Nursing Standards

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Emerging Standards of Care Influencing the Future of Nursing and Healthcare/NUR531 April 28, 2014 Emerging Standards of Care The United States is a country with a diverse population of people and the diversity is changing. The United States Census Bureau projects that, by 2050, the demographic of this country will see a proportional increase in the minority population. The percentages of the ethnic groups are estimated to be as follows: White 47%, Hispanic 29%, Black 13%, and Asian 9% (Wade, 2012). The various ethnic groups create the need for cultural competence in healthcare. “Cultural competence is a set of congruent behaviors, attitudes, and policies that come together in a system, agency, or among professionals that enables effective…show more content…
Cultural competence lays the groundwork for decreasing disparities in healthcare. Competence is evident when patients experience improvements in the delivery of healthcare. The evidence is shown when patients, nurses, and physicians are able to discuss potential problems without cultural differences impeding medical progress (“What is Cultural Competency, “ 2013). Understanding culture is imperative in healthcare. It impacts the patient’s health and the ability to heal. Culture also directs belief about disease and how it should be treated (“What is Cultural Competency, “ 2013). The relationship between the patient and healthcare provider is compromised when healthcare providers are not knowledgeable about the cultural differences of patients. Frequently, patients find it very difficult to trust healthcare providers. Concomitantly, healthcare providers are unable to provide adequate care to patients when they are not empathetic to the way the patient views health and illness (“What is Cultural Competency, “ 2013). Disparities decrease and favorable health results increase when healthcare providers provide care that is sensitive and respectful to patients (“What is Cultural Competency,” 2013). When healthcare providers understand and appreciate the views of other ethnic groups in this country along with evaluating their own beliefs regarding health, it can lead to a system that can satisfactorily provide culturally competent care (“What is Cultural Competency,”
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