Emergency Response Essay

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EMERGENCY RESPONSE By Jonathan Jackson September 29, 2012 Emergency Response is a crucial element in response to a accident, incident or disaster. Emergency Response which is a crucial element to an accident, incident or disaster, which needs the correct response. Because there many different type of responses whether it is an Environmental Emergency Response, Disaster Emergency Response or Mass Causality Incident or Natural Disaster Response. Now the most important element to an Emergency Response is the Emergency Action Plan to the incident or disaster. This allows Emergency Response Teams to know what equipment and resources they need for a particular response. It also tells the Emergency Response Team how to conduct and operate the incident or disaster. Now the Emergency Action Plan will also establish to the Incident Commander how it needs to establish the Incident Management System. Next is an issue during an emergency response to where the situation does not get any bigger than what it was when the Emergency Response started, as we seen in the Gulf Oil Spill or in Hurricane Andrew which and in Hurricane Andrew there probably would have been more people who survived the Hurricane if response was done in a quicker response. I. Emergency Response A. Types of Emergency Response B. Emergency Action Plan C. Preplanning II. Incident Command System A. Functions B. Roles C. Command Staff III. Incident Commander A. Functions B. Duties IV. Information Officer A. Functions B. Duties V. Safety Officer A. Functions B. Duties VI. Liaison A. Functions B. Duties VII. Operations Officer A. Functions B. Duties VIII. Planning Officer A. Functions
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