Emergency Response Essay

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Emergency response during a natural or man-made disaster is an important role of the major public health personnel, including the public health nurse. An important role of the major public health personnel during a disaster is to ensure safety of the public. They are a part of the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during a disaster. They attend meetings of the EOC, giving continuous updates regarding the status of public health concerns such as water, food provisions, shelters, etc. Public health works in conjunction with other disciplines such as the Fire Department and Public works. During a disaster, public health personnel also establish an Incident Command System (ICS) within their department. The ICS provides a structure or system to follow in order to manage the disaster (All Hands Network, 2005). By being a part of the EOC and following the ICS, all departments of the state or city in which the disaster occurs ensures that there is an organized manner of keeping the public safe and the rapid return of the city or state to its’ pre-disaster condition. One of the major roles of the public health personnel and the public health nurse during a disaster is to give media attention and public education. Giving media attention endows the public with much-needed information, which is a necessity for the public in order to impart any instructions from the government and give them guidance. Information given to the public include important matters such as instructions on how to make water potable, proper food storage and preparation, places of shelters and the like. Information regarding clean up after the disaster must be done. The public health personnel and the public health nurse are responsible for preparing the appropriate statements to give to the media. They must also prepare the written material disseminated to the public. Such material must be made in other
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