Emergency Management Essay

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The attacks of September 11, 2001 are usually associated with the World Trade Center for obvious reasons. Likewise the response effort is usually associated with the World Trade Center as well. I would say the primary reason for that is just how catastrophic the scene was on the site of ground zero, and what appeared to many people, not just in the United States watching on TV or at the scene but those around the world also watching, as chaos in the response. By contrast the response to the Pentagon almost appeared neat, surgical even, to the point that it has sparked conspiracy theories on the damage of the building. I would attribute this to the Pentagon having a dedicated and professional police department within the Pentagon Force Protection Agency that trains constantly and had a well developed response plan. Cross training with the Arlington Fire Department, and the speed at which the fire department were able to respond and establish an incident command was crucial to their response. With less agencies involved it is naturally easier. By that same token the crash site of flight 93 also had a quick and effective response. Now I'm not trying to say the response to the World Trade Center wasn't effective, in all honesty the responders on site did the very best they could and did it very well. But, there was no intergrated system in place to get everyone on the same page. Likewise there was issues with communications not just between different elements of responders like police and fire, but even within departments themselves. The lack of setting up effective perimeters as the current incident command system dictates also caused issues in that command sites were changed several times and at times were placed in dangerous areas. The variety of agencies involved in the World Trade Center response without a singular intergrated plan coupled with the chaos on scene

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