Emc Confronts Harassment Charges

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Running head: EMC CONFRONTS HARASSMENT CHARGES EMC Confronts Harassment Charges D Brooks Kaplan University AB203: Human Resources Management Professor Lehne 6/13/2012 EMC Confronts Harassment Charges According to the book, the company EMC has been accused of discriminating against the women in their company. At least six lawsuits have been filed with allegations against them with 2003 being the earliest year filed in. Not only had they subjected female employees to sexual discrimination, but claims say they punished or reprehended women who complained. Claims also say women were paid lower wages, but EMC said the women were paid lower wages due to lower performance. It seems EMC has violated a few laws by discriminating against the women in their company. Female employees have complained that “EMC subjected saleswomen to demeaning sexual comments, company-paid trips to strip clubs, and retaliation against women who complained.” (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2009) Other allegations, including managers withdrawing accounts female employees had advanced and administering them to male colleagues, a women’s boss looking past her for a big account because she refused to participant in smoking, drinking, swearing, hunting, fishing, and tolerating strip clubs, and claims that when the company looked at employment decisions they focused mostly on individuals’ sex, pregnancy, and marital and parental status, support these accusations. Evidence shows that women at EMC have earned less than men with the same amount of experience, with a minimum of $39354.00 difference in their paychecks a year. These accusations violate the Equal Pay Act of 1963 which mandates that men and women fulfilling equal jobs earn equal pay, the Title VII of CRA that demands that discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin not be tolerated, the

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