Embryonic Stem Cells Persuasive Essay

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Embryonic Stem Cell: What Can It Cure? Everyone grows old. No one knows exactly when they will lose their memory due to old age and the diseases that may soon follow. Embryonic stem cells (ESC) research proven time and time again, that it can help with memory loss from diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s. Restrictions on embryonic stem cells (ESC) research should be lifted around the world because the research has made tremendous progress to cure multiple diseases, aid in the recovery of spinal injury, and human ESC being used by scientist were going to be discarded. ESC research restrictions should be lifted as long as obtaining the ESC does not harm the female carrying the embryos. Joannides and Chandran explain that despite ESC’s ability to reproduce into any cell that is needed, Scientists cannot use ESC as a “one size fits all” for every cell type and expect miracles. The ESC cells must be “custom made” into…show more content…
German laws protect the use of human embryos under the Embryo Protection Act 1991, which makes the derivation of embryonic stem cell lines a criminal offence. The 2002 Stem Cell Act states that embryos imported to Germany before 1 May 2007 “can only be used for research if they are vital in developing new medical and scientific knowledge.” (Doherty) France has very strict laws regarding ESC research. Scientist conducting ESC research in France must obtain written permission from the IVF donors and research must be licensed for a period of five years and report annually to the Biomedicine board of France. (Doherty) Italy acknowledges embryo as a subject of rights from the moment of fertilization. The derivation of ESC lines is banned in Italy but it is permitted to use imported ESC lines for research. (Doherty) If countries around the world relax its restrictions on ESC research, cures have the potential of being found
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