The embarassing and proudest moments

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Everyone has or had an embarasing and proud moment at least once in their life. Everyone has fallen onto the floor or done something embarasing. Also everyone has made something good to feel proud of. Like help society in some way, or just something personal. But this time I'm here to talk about mine; both embarasing and proud moments. I'll start off with a common story remembered always by my old school friends in Sagrada Familia. I was in 5th grade, it happened in February 14, Valentine's Day to be exact. I supposedly liked this girl which name I dare not speak of. Mostly because most people don't know her. Well, before the actual day came, I bought a ring for this girl. Quite cheap really, it only cost me 20 bucks at Kmart. So I wrapped the ring, gave it to her the next day. I asked her if she liked me but here's what happened; She said no. I was shocked at this and so I started crying. I told her that ring was worth 300 dollars, she obviously didn't fall for it. But instead I made myself believe it. So I kept on telling everyone the fake price. My mom heard about this and asked me about it. I told her everything. In the same moment one of my friends was there. So he told the girl later on and she came to me asking about it. She asks "was the ring worth 300 hundread dollars?" I said yes of course. She tells me "In Kmart?" . So I was forced to say the truth and so another embarasing moment added to the original one. Thats about it for my most embarasing moment; apart from all that, embarassments aside, my proudest moment in life, also happened in my childhood.

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