The Emancipation of slaves leading to the Freedmans Bureau

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The Emancipation of slaves leading to the creation of Freedman’s Bureau Amongst history, many events occur that change the future for our country and its civilization. One event that was brought out by the end of the Civil War during the era of Reconstruction is the emancipation of black slaves, which led to the creation of the Freedman’s Bureau in America. Not only did emancipation liberate the slaves, but it led to many other events in history that helped form the United States as it is now in present day. One event in history, which had affected different countries like Cuba and Spain, would lead to war and freedom at the same time for the Spanish. Maine’s explosion in the Havana brought out many important points regarding expansion and war with other governing countries with the Americans, all due to a misunderstanding. President Lincoln is the one leader to the American’s that brought about the idea of emancipating the slaves. With emancipation, the slaves had nothing but freedom. Freedom, would lead the slaves to join forces and "strengthened the black family" (Kennedy 481). Through these families marriages and churches formed to unite the newly freed slaves together to have something to share amongst themselves. This all lead to the creation of the Freedman’s Bureau in March 3, 1865 to help them learn and make the gap between whites less. The Freedman’s Bureau "barely was good enough" to some slaves because it did allow them to learn, but not do much anything else (Guelzo 232). Significantly important in history because it began to open doors for non-whites and create many laws, amendments, and rights for them. It evolved very slowly, but slaves were given more rights starting with the thirteenth amendment being written, it was solid proof to their achievements. After emancipation "blacks themselves saw voting rights as the

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