Emancipation Essay

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Since 1619, America was marked by one of the most problematic issues in history: slavery. More than 1million blacks were enslaved and manipulated as if they were not human for a period of 250 years. Families were broken apart, they were sold like if they were pigs, they were used to work for more than ten hours a day, and their conditions of living were horrible. (Worth) Slaves were manipulated by their owners and were left with no right to decide for themselves. What makes a black ½ of a white person? Mary Reynolds, from the plantation in Black River, Louisiana, recalls witnessing “brutal beatings, and tells of working in weather so cold that her hands bled”. Slave owners gave no importance to the personality that a slave could have inside, and believed they were inferior enough to have the right play with their lives. An advertisement from a local newspaper from that time announced, “ ...a valuable negro fellow, about 28 years old, who knew something of carpentry...two valuable young men, one an excellent showmaker and the other nailor, in which a great bargain might be realized... for sale several...Negro girls, From twelve to eighteen years of age, for Cash. (Bancroft) The Slave Trade in America has been one of the darkest and most atrocious chapters of America’s history, and the millions of African slaves that had to live through it will never forget those days in their master’s plantation where they grew up. They planned numerous ways to escape from the horror of slavery, but barely anyone succeeded. The slaves had just one thing in their mind constantly; their most desirable dream was to be free forever. Finally, one day their dream changed from being a simple with to reality. Abraham Lincoln, the president of America during the period of the Civil War, was an abolitionist that wanted to eradicate slavery. Anyway, his primary goal above anything else was to

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