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To the stakeholders, I would like to address the following changes made to the WHS/OHS policy in regards to · Risk management policy · Workplace Health and Safety policy · Procurement policy Following the changes to OHS, to develop better resolution and safe work environment in changes regarding Legistlation and Procedures to WHS. Implementation to change Policy manuals and procedures ensuring all Risk and Safety for the Company are identified, monitored and controlled. Storage of Records and Retrieval of documents Audits A list below of records to be kept by the Company and Maintain database • incident reports • Risk registers • Records of consultation, e.g. meetings • Hazardous chemical registers • Induction and training records • Manufacturer and supplier information, including dangerous goods storage lists • Plant and equipment maintenance and testing reports • Workers’ compensation and rehabilitation records To satifsfy both internal and external audit requirements, must be maintained and kept for a period of time. Reference: Australian Standard for recordkeeping, AS ISO 14589 Standards Australia, 2002, AS ISO 15489: 2002 Records management. I adhere to providing templates for record keeping, registers and reports to making the Company further efficient in working and safety policies and procesdures. Some of the benefits to these changes are to help address the “GAPS” in managing WHS Saftey Risks. Using a Hierachy of Control and Charts, you will be able to determine and Control Risk SURVEY | | Questions to ask indetermining likelihood | Explanation and examples | How often are people exposed to the hazard? | A hazard may exist all of the time or it may only exist occasionally. The more often a hazard is present, the greater the likelihood it will result in harm.For example:· Meshing gears

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