Ema And Clueless Essay

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Ema and clueless The transformation process occurs when a text is changed in form, but retains many aspects of its original plot. Through the alteration of social, historical and cultural context, Amy Heckerling has transformed Jane Austen’s historical 19th century novel Emma into the contemporary Post-Modern visual text Clueless. The transformation of form and idea within Emma allows Heckerling to address a modern American teenage audience through romantic comedy. Owing to this comparative study of texts the inspiration of the known reflects on the new, while the new resonates the known. Thus, through Heckerling’s satire, responders can acknowledge and relate to the modern values expressed. This therefore engenders interest in the conflicting…show more content…
Both settings are a microcosm of their society, displaying their values and lifestyles in an exaggerated fashion. The novel Emma is set in the early 18th century England, in the ‘large and populous village’ of Highbury where there is a range of social classes and a clear hierarchy of status, based on birth and wealth or how much land your family owns. Contrary, Clueless takes place in the late 20th century, in the wealthy and fashionable Beverly Hills, a multicultural city, where money and professional success are the criteria for social status and respect. Through the transformation of the setting of Emma, Clueless brings its story into 1990 suburban life. Where the novel Emma gently depicts an elegant, indefinitely polite rural social setting, Clueless drops us into the fast and frivolous city living of the wealthy American through the use of fast paced, scattered camera shots, catchy music, vibrant colours and voice overs, drawing the responder into the film and the meaning it creates. The settings are a juxtaposition of one another: Highbury is a gentle town where Emma and her family are the image of social class and standing. They do not have to do anything to become distinguished in their surroundings as they are “first in consequence there. All looked up to them”. In comparison, the setting of Clueless is the extreme opposite of Highbury. Cher and her family are trying to fit into an
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