Elvis Presley Originator Or Dictator Essay

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Elvis Presley Originator or Imitator Elvis Presley is by far one of the greatest music icons to ever grace the earth. Bursting into the music scene in the 1950’s, he became a catalyst for Rock N Roll. Elvis has had more number one records and movie roles than any other rock n roll artists in the past and present. He had 126 gold and platinum records and 114 songs on the Top 40 charts. He starred in thirty-three movies. His songs were on the charts every year from 1956 until 1977, the year he died. John Lennon of the Beatles once declared, “Before Elvis, there was nothing.” – (www.history-of-rock.com) Elvis Presley has either been dubbed “artist of the century” or ultimately “the king of rock n roll”. But let’s stop and think for a second,…show more content…
It was during a lunch break that he recorded a song called, "My Happiness". He was called back to the studio sometime later to do some demo work. Eventually, he recorded a song called, "That's Alright, Mama" recorded by Elvis in July 5th of 1954 . Back in 2004, the music industry celebrated its 50 years of Rock N Roll since the first recording of the song. This celebration was to say that the genre was introduced to the world through Elvis Presley. Third Question What was his influence on other artists? “Elvis was a revolutionist in the music world, his ballistic dance moves shocked and delighted audiences, “Elvis the Pelvis,” who earned his nickname for the sexy dance moves he did onstage, was blamed for single-handedly releasing the pent-up sexual frustrations of 1950s youth. Also, he helped to break down racial barriers by popularizing R & B and gospel music. Elvis always publicly acknowledged his debt to ‘black’ R & B and gospel musicians.” – Rock N Roll Hall of Famers Elvis influenced many of artists. Here's what some of them said about him: Paul McCartney said, " When we were lads back in Liverpool, all we wanted to be was

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