Elvis Presley Informative Speech

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I'm sure you've all heard of Elvis Presley.You now the king of rock,peanut butter and banana sandwhich and all that other stuff.Well its okay if you still don't remember because today I'm gonna tell you a little about him.I'm gonna tell you about his life,him being drafted into the army,and a little about death.But don't worry by the time I'm done you'll now all about Mr.Presley. Elvis Aaron Presley was born into the family of Vemon and Gladys Presley in a two room house in Tupelo,Mississippi,on January 8,1935.Elvis was the second of identical twins.His brother was a stillborn,meaning he was a liveless baby,a miscarriage.Being a only child and all,Presley grew close to his parents and formed an unusally tight bond with his mother.At the age of three Vemon,Presley's father,pleaded guilty in court for forgery and was sent to Parchment Farms Penitentiary for three years .But he made a deal with his boss and only served eight months.Anyways back to elvis.Elvis first got into music when his familty attended an Assembly of God church where he found his initial musical inspiration.In 1946…show more content…
Selective System.Elvis received his Selective Service No. 40-86-35-16 and on Monday,March 24,1958 at 6:35 AM,Elvis,accompained by his parents and a group of friends,reported to the Mephis Draft Board.From there,he and twelve other recruits were bused to Kennedy and sworn in,Elvis said his good-byes and Private Presley was bused with the others from Memphis to Fort Chaffee,Arkansas for further processing.There he recieved his famous G.I. haircut and coined the phrase "Hair today,Gone tomorrow," in a comment to the news media.Elvis was assigned to the Second Armored Division's "Hell on Wheels"unit (formely led by Gemeral George Patton) and was stationed at Fort Hooa,Texas.Later on,Elvis was posted in Germany.He was finally discharged in

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