Elvis Presley Infancy and Childhood

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ELVIS PRESLEYS INFANCY and CHILDHOOD COLORADO TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR TRAVISS EDNA PERKINS DECEMBER 2, 2012 INFANCY and CHILDHOOD Elvis Presley was born a twin in 1035, his twin brother; Jessie Garon was still born and left Elvis to grow up as an only child.\ He graduated high school from Humes High School in 1953. Born in Tupelo. Mississippi on January 8. He grew up in very humble beginnings. His parents had little money and moved from place to place often. He was devoted to his parents especially his mother (Gladys) and was raised to have strong faith in God. They attended the Assembly of God Church where gospel music was a very important influence for him. Elvis got his first guitar when he was ten, and not long after, won the talent show at Humes High School and that was his first taste of musical success. After he graduated in 1953, he worked several jobs while chasing his musical dream. He began his singing career in 1954 with Sun Records label in Memphis, Tennessee. In 1955 the recording contract was sold to RCA Victor and by 1956 he was an international sensation. http://www.biography.com/people/elvis-presley-9446466 http://www.elvis-postcards.com/BabyPhoto.html ERIK ERICKSON Erik Erikson thinks psychosocial development is a well-known theory of personality in the psychology field. He believes the personality develops in stages. Erickson describes how the impact of the social experience throughout the lifespan. Erickson has a main element of the psychosocial stage where there is a development of ego identity. It is a conscious sense of self that gets developed through social interaction. The ego is always changing with new experiences and information that we get with our daily interactions. Erickson also thinks that there is a sense of competence that motivates actions and behaviours. With every stage Erickson is

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