Elusive Memorial Essay

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Hayley Davis Damian Carpenter English 1010 04 September 2014 Elusive Memorial Reading was a passion of mine when I was younger. I could sit under our family oak tree, and let my imagination run wild. Writing, on the other hand, was never a strong point for me. Reading came easy, all I needed to understand were the meaning of the words, not where to put commas or quotation marks. While reading, I didn’t need to worry if my sentence was structured properly or my spelling was correct, I just read. I grew up in Oxnard, California, a city where 80% of high school students drop out before sophomore year, and the other 20% are involved in sports. I learned relatively quickly, that the teachers too became more concerned with passing the players, in order to make it to championship, then us actually knowing the material. At the time, I enjoyed it, no homework, no need to study for tests or even write essays, all I had to do was play the game I loved most and I would pass. Little did I know that was all about to change. The start of my junior year, I moved to Wisconsin. I’m sitting in Mrs. Bowes’ English class with a group of giddy freshmen. This must be a mistake. They know I am a junior right? After class I waited behind, “Excuse me, Mrs. Bowe? I think there has been a mistake, you see I’m a junior.” “Ms. Davis I assume?” “Yes ma’am.” “There hasn’t been a mistake, we looked over your transcript and we don’t believe you have met the requirements to be in a Junior English class. This class is intended to help students develop a better understanding of reading and writing skills. At the end of the year, if we believe you have met those standards, we will then place you in a class with your fellow classmates.” I couldn’t believe it, how was I going to make friends with people my age if my classes were with freshman? I never fully understood how to write, but I found

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