Elliott And The Vietnam War

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history The story could not be more compelling if it were fiction, as Elliott's relations, divided by ideology, war and finally peace, demonstrate the unyielding strength of their familial bonds, ties that still bind despite one sister's allegiance to a communist regime that stripped them of land and status, "re-educated" a younger brother and propelled many into exile. "It is a book I've wanted to write for a long time, even when I was living in Saigon as a teenager," said Elliott, interviewed at her home in Claremont, Los Angeles County, where she is working on a novel. Born and raised in Vietnam, she attended the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University from 1960 to 1963 on a scholarship awarded to promising Vietnamese students by the United States under its Leadership Training Program.…show more content…
"We were split along ideological lines, but my sister is still a sister, she's still a daughter, and that helped us transcend some very deep divisions." Sitting at her family's cramped dining table, listening to her father recall his father and grandfather, and the stories they told him, Elliott could not have known then that her epic would encapsulate the postwar history of Vietnam. BY PRESENTING the turbulent events of the past 150
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