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The Spanish Inquisition The Spanish Inquisition was established in 1478 and lasted well over 350 years. It helped to re-affirm the strengths of Spanish religion and belief. The Spanish inquisition was started as a religious battle that later shaped Spain for what is it and what it is known for today. Spain was created through a religious argument that involved the many religions of Catholicism, Islam, and Judaism. The pope decided to start the Spanish Inquisition due to the attempt to purify the people of Spain. They began by getting rid of the other religions and all the non-believers that were not considered to be important.. If they admitted their wrongs and turned in other aggressors against the church they were either released or sentenced to a prison penalty. Muslims and Jews were encouraged to convert to Christianity, if they were found to be practicing their original faith they would be killed. The inquisition was an extremely dangerous piece of time in which the church basically controlled whatever they wanted. I belive that power and greed was the main power for the Spanish inquisition. For the church to say that anyone that does not do as they say will be killed is ridiculous but people stood by and accepted this fact. The motivation behind the Spanish inquisition was most likely someone high up in the church ranking disliking a person or religion because of their difference so they decided to kill or harm them due to them being different. A religious fanatic is someone who is heavily involved in their own religion, they pretend to worship and do everything that their god has told them to do and they believe that if others do not worship god the same way that they worship god, then they are not worthy and should be forever damned for eternity in hell or in a bad state of mind. An example of this would be some Christians who believe that if you do

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