Ellen Moore Living and Working in Bahrain

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Ellen Moore Living and Working in Bahrain IBUS 3330.01 Homework #5 March 25, 2013 Executive Summary: It all started when Ellen Moore decided to search for job opportunities in American companies located in Bahrain. Many foreign companies have invested in Bahrain because of its current market growth. She found a job position as an expatriate manager for an American company. Ellen was not prepared for the big change, especially a new religion and the role of women in the Bahraini society. The fact that she was a woman affected her a lot. Middle Eastern societies treat women very much different in comparison to the American society. Ellen wanted to become one of the top executives at the company, but this was almost impossible due to the fact that she was a woman. Moore lived many experiences where employees didn’t accept what her decisions where and even got segregated from male groups. After two years, Ellen was asked by the General Manager to join the operations area on one of two managerial positions that were available. The first one was manager of accounts control, which gave her opportunity to travel to other countries to supervise the staff. The second one was manager of customer services. She decided to accept the first position, but by the time she informed her boss about her decision he told her that the position was not available anymore. He explained that women were not allowed to travel alone to Saudi Arabia. With this problem Moore has some alternatives, accept the customer service position, stay in her current job, or leave the company. Evaluating every situation the best alternative is to accept the customer service position. By choosing this alternative she will be able to grow in the company and avoid all the risk that Saudi Arabia has. If Ellen were to leave the company without taking the position and trying to manager to find a new job
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