Ellen Mac Arthur

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SECTION A: READING 2. How does the presentation show her achievements? The image of Ellen Mac Arthur anchors to the article as it reinforces her exceptional achievements. In this image, Mac Arthur’s courage and determination is demonstrated palpably: she leans towards the sea, her body half outside the boat. By that, her will power to change the balance between men and women in sport, is made evident, as well as her endeavour to cross the line of prejudice towards women in sports. The sail is decorated by signs of “BT”: a communication company; this shows her sponsors and the support she has for her good cause as well as her contact and ties with other women for the same cause, and who are there to support her, even from a very large distance. Furthermore, Ellen Mac Arthur’s resolute gaze ahead expresses her hope and certitude of a clear future for women. In addition, the sun penetrating through the clouds suggests a bright forthcoming and the beginning of a change in sport for women. In the background, there are many clouds, and the sea is tormented; the dark colour identifies the difficulty of the voyage she is undertaking, as well as the dangers she will encounter. In relation to the sombre colour of the sea and sky, Ellen Mac Arthur’s dark attire, unites with the background. She therefore blends in with her surroundings and is at ease. Her dark blue baggy outfit and tied back hair also symbolizes manliness and how in every woman, there is something masculine. In the middle ground, a member of her crew is noticeable, as in the text; she still gives credit to her team and offers her partner a part in the image. Although she does so, her place in the foreground of the depiction indicates her role as the dominant person in control. Instead of the man being in the front, he is behind Ellen Mac Arthur, thus outlining that men should yield their places
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