Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Research Paper

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“Every achievement brings strength to attempt another achievement, another goal, another step of the ladder. “The size of your deam must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. So, if your dreams don’t care you, they are not big enough.” She was scared by her dreams because they were good enough to challenge her and turn her into a nobel peace prize winner. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is the current president of Liberia and the first female president elected in Africa. Through her great leadership skills and passionate commitment to hard work, Ellen has managed to become one of the top ten best leaders in the world. After decades of fighting for freedom, justice and equality in Liberia, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has spent more…show more content…
Ellen Johnson’s mother was a teacher, her father an attorney, and the first indigenous Liberian to serve in the country’s legislature, a body long dominated by the descendants of the American settlers. Her parents placed a high value on education, and young Ellen received her secondary education at the respected College of West Africa in Monrovia, the nation’s capital. University seemed a logical next step, but at 17, Ellen married James Sirleaf, a young agronomist with a degree from the University of Wisconsin.With four sons born in rapid succession, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf settled into the role of homemaker, while many of her school friends embarked on professional careers. After one year, Ellen and her husband travelled to US and they left their four sons in the care of the grandparents. While her husband pursued a graduate degree from the University of Wisconsin’s School of Agriculture, Ellen studied accounting at the Madison College of Business. When they returned to Liberia, Ellen’s husband resumed his work as for Ellen she worked for the treasury department, later known as the ministry of
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