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Samantha Glandon Sara Barski English 121 Responding to Ellen Goodman’s “Out of the Picture on the Abortion Ban” Ellen Goodman wrote an article “Out of the Picture on the Abortion Ban.” She focuses on: a picture of Bush signing the ban among men, the fact that he doesn’t think that young women aren’t conscious of this debate, and that the ban makes it seem like women can’t make moral decisions. In her article she is frustrated by a picture of George Bush signing a partial birth abortion ban among men. Since the issue is mainly about women she doesn’t understand why there are no women in this picture. What gives them the right to decide what a woman can do with her own body? She believes that women should have the choice whether…show more content…
“Behind this is simply a mistrust of women as moral decision makers.” (Goodman p.257) Going back to the younger generation, courts believe that women just think for themselves and not the other people involved. Apparently women can’t make the right choices. There was another statement made by an anti-abortion leader about a cartoon and a prom dress. “The headless womb belonged to a generic woman who…would get an abortion to fit into a prom dress.” (Goodman p.257) This cartoon was based on partial birth abortion. People say that a woman would go through a pregnancy and then decide more than half way through that she would rather fit in a flattering dress. I don’t believe that women actually think this way and it’s absurd that these people would think that. Goodman says that back when Clinton was in office he vetoed a bill similar to the one that Bush had signed. When he vetoed it he was surrounded by a group of women. She also includes that most of the women had abortions due to health reasons. The only problem I have with this statement is I’m not so sure that this actually happened; I think she should have put a photo of that in with her article also as
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