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Danica Cope Block 1 3-28-13 The Comedian who happened to be Gay Abstract This paper first introduces the topic, Ellen Lee DeGeneres, and the research questions, which relate to the leader as a catalyst for change. Then, the research methodology is described, with comments about the difficulties faced by the paper writer when completing the interview. In the “leaders Context and Action” section, two claims are made: Ellen was gay and her life was shaped by other people’s opinions about her. Ellen’s successes and life obstacles are discussed next. Others opinions of Ellen DeGeneres, both positive and negative, follow. The paper concludes with remarks about this famous leader and the effect of studying her and her accomplishments has had upon this writer’s attitude about women’s roles in the world. Ellen Lee DeGeneres is a well-known talk show host. She is a determined woman who didn’t want her sexuality to run her life. She went through life hiding her true self and when she finally told the world that she was a lesbian, she was criticized harshly for it. Ellen proved to the world that being gay shouldn’t be the thing that defines you. Though much has been positively written about Ellen DeGeneres, the negative comments were the ones that made her who she is today. It is the purpose of this paper to fill some of the gap by discussing events in Ellen’s life: her goals, actions, contributions, and why she is considered a catalyst for change. In addition, the methodology used to explore this leader’s life will be explained. The questions posed for this paper were the following: 1. What did I do to complete the assignments that led up to this paper? What was my methodology? 2. What are (or were) some of the important elements of the context in which the leader lives (or lived)? How do (or did) these elements affect her goals, actions and

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