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Ellen Ellen Lee DeGeneres is a famous actress, talk show host, and comedian. She will be known in the annual woman’s banquet for all her achievements and accomplishments. She was born in January 26th, 1958 at Metairie, Louisiana. DeGeneres is being honored from opening out her gayness to the whole world. I think Ellen Degeneres is a very strong and brave woman to come out with a secret like that. DeGeneres’ family life and childhood had ups and downs. Ellen has one brother name Vance DeGeneres and a mother named Betty DeGeneres. Her parents separated and she moved with her mother and stepfather to New Orleans. Ellen’s brother Vance, had stayed with their birth dad at Metairie, Louisiana. DeGeneres was raised as a Christian Scientist until the age of thirteen. One down side was, Ellen was sexually abused by her stepfather, while her mother was struggling through breast cancer. Ellen’s mother would be crying about her divorce and Ellen would make her happy from how funny she is. Overall, her mother was still one of her strong supporters even though she was gay. Ellen Lee DeGeneres had a great education. She had attended and graduated many schools. There is one thing in her education that helped influence her. At Tuba University, Ellen’s roommate had died in a car accident in the age of 23. She tried to get over the tragedy by comedy. DeGeneres attended Atlanta High School and graduated. She also attended Grace King High School in Metairie, Louisiana. Ellen also had many jobs from her education. She was a waitress for T. G. I Fridays and held a job selling clothes. From there on she is a great comedian. Ellen has interesting but great motivations. Her mother was a strong supporter even though she was shocked when she was gay. A lot of friends encouraged her to go up for a stand up comedy show that she won. One interesting role model was Ellen’s brother

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