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Running head: ELL FAMILIES AND SCHOOLS ELL Families and Schools Grand Canyon University ESL-223N SEI English Language Teaching: Foundations & Methodologies October 27, 2011 Prof. Janice Norris ELL Families and Schools Statistics continue to show the steadily rapid growth of immigration in the United States, which in turn created a growing concern with ELL students who primary language is different from English. In addition to the language barrier, this group of students faces with other issues like culture clashes, socioeconomics background and they enter school at various ages. All these factors are contributing to the achievement gap. In the effort to eliminate this gap, school officials, educators, and politicians conducted many researches to find ways to support these students in their language acquisition, literacy development, promoting school success and guiding parents to be involved in their children education. According to the National Childcare Information and Technical Assistance Center (2010), the teachers who sensitive to their students’ culture practices can help promote school success to their ELL students because statistics show that students that orally fluent in their own language at home demonstrate a higher achievement level in acquiring English language than the ELLs that did not establish the ability to speak their own language. The younger ELL students must receive the instructions, and interactions in both languages to master their language acquisitions. In addition, schools with build-in system to involve parents to make connection between school and the students’ cultures, languages and background knowledge will benefit the ELL students with their academic success. Prior home language competence is the key contribution to how well students acquire their second language because the literacy developmental is based

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