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Stultz 1 Hunter Stultz Mrs. Buell English 9 19 December 2012 Popular Pastimes In the Elizabethan Era people came up with a popular pastime. The pastime was known as bear and bull baiting. I sometimes wonder how people came up with this pastime. Bear and bull baiting had great effects on how people treated their animals. Bear and bull baiting started in Europe and London in 1174. It was then introduced to the Elizabethan Era in the 1200s. When bear baiting occurred a stake was drove into the ground fairly deep and it was then anchored, so there would be no possible way for the bear or bull to escape. A chain was then tied or wrapped around the stake tightly. The chain is then either wrapped around the neck or hind leg of the bear. When they…show more content…
In 1591 an order issued from the Privy Council forbidding plays to be acted on Thursday, because bear-baiting and such pastimes had been practiced on Thursday. Queen Elizabeth was pleased to spend an afternoon watching these blood thirsty forms of entertainment. Bear baiting began to decline in the 1600s and in 1835 the parliament prohibited it (Chambers). In theaters and other pastimes admission didn’t cost much. In theaters it cost a penny to sit down and watch the movie or play. The most common theatre was called The Globe. Other pastimes were cock fighting, soccer, jousting, hawking, and board games. Another pastime is archery for mid and older men. Only upper classmen engaged in jousting and hunted for sport. Cock fighting was where roosters were fitted with sharp blades on each foot and put into a cockpit to fight till death. Hawking was a pastime for only the upper class because of the extreme cost of birds (Alchin). It is amazing to see how the people of the Elizabethan era found things to do. Bull and bear baiting was amusing to watch back then, now people would take it to seriously and wouldn’t like it. Now we play sports and watch movies, nothing like the people did in the Elizabethan

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