Elizabethan England Essay

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Elizabethan England: an era where “The Theatre” became much more than just a few actors simply acting their part on a wooden stage with wide gestures and animated voices. It was a time where words took on a whole different meaning entirely, and the birthplace of some of the most celebrated plays took hold. Through all of this, this spectacular era was held in the palm of the great Queen Elizabeth the First. In Elizabethan England, Monarch Elizabeth the First was exalted among the people for the significant amount of influence she held in her reign and in literature. Queen Elizabeth the First was famously known for the lasting impact she bestowed upon her people during her incumbency, which lasted from 1533-1603.( ) Gone were the kings and queens of the past who lacked a benevolent disposition towards their people and entered a queen who loved her people and who’s people loved her back. The period before Elizabeth’s reign was buried under a dismal cloud but “under her leadership, England transformed itself from a poor and insignificant medieval country to a wealthy cosmopolitan player on the world stage… Commerce, literature, and navigation all thrived during the Elizabethan Age,” ( ). Before Elizabeth the First had been crowned, England’s economy was suffering greatly. “It lacked scientific knowledge and industrial skill” ( ). Yet, there was hope; Queen Elizabeth the First swooped into action. A little over thirty years after, England’s economy sky rocketed. “Other industries expanded rapidly…” (Pg. ) boosting England’s overall economy and Elizabeth’s popularity. Elizabeth had taken England by storm and molded it into the most successful period the English had ever seen. To put it quite plainly, there was simply an extremely eloquent amount of acts Elizabeth had done that equipped herself to be as worshiped as a
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