Elizabethan England Essay

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Maria Bernal Curcio Period 2 April 22, 2013 Political Evolution of the World The Elizabethan era was characterized by the actions of Queen Elizabeth, which led England into the Golden Age. It is similar to the United States and its president. The politics and the government in place characterized both of these time periods. Their structure, domestic policy, and foreign policy all had great impacts in society. Although due to modern ideas and principals, the government has a very different role in society today than it did during the Elizabethan era. The Elizabethan era had an extremely distinctive hierarchy that influenced everyone in society; it was so essential that in order to understand the history of this time period, one must take a look at the government in place. There were three different levels in Elizabethan government: the monarch, Parliament, and the Privy Council. Monarch was the governing body, who decided how the entire country was run, including their religion and clothing. The monarch was the ‘mother/father’ of the country. “Queen Elizabeth was the highest ruler of the land. She had to comply with the rules, but other than that, she had the last say in laws and was entirely responsible in deciding various aspects of society. Disobeying her would result in treason and death (Frye 97). This caused some dissent among society because they believed that she was favoring the rich, which was unfortunately often the case. In order to keep society working and keeping her place on the throne, Queen Elizabeth often had to appeal to the nobles to have their continued support. Queen Elizabeth I’s impact was so great; many people believed she was the incarnation of heaven on Earth. This form of government is very different from the modern democracy found in the United States. This is because the Elizabethan government was a monarchy, with one all powerful
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