Elizabeth Romero: A Short Story

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Elizabeth Romero, that’s my name. In the bible, Ruth was a queen and in some earlier century Elizabeth was a queen too. Not to be mistaken, I’m no queen. I’m a whole lot of spirit trapped in the body of a 5’2 girl. I love laughing and believe every being on this world was meant to live for a purpose and it is our destiny to discover this purpose. My long curly hair is my trademark. I love the way it bounces when I run and caresses my ears as if whispering a secret. My eyes are peaceful and powerful; matching the shades of my dark hair. I am a Mexican-American 17 year old girl and my proud brown skin won’t lie. I don’t like being characterized for an ethnicity or for an age group. I’m still figuring out who I am but I’ll give you a taste of

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