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Elizabeth I (1558-1603) 1) Elizabeth I was born on the 7th of September 1533 and was the second child of Henry VII. She had an incredible education and was exceedingly sensible, and vastly. She knew how to behave around people and through her portrait at the age of 13, she is holding the holy bible, which represents her sensibility and her ability to rule responsibly. Unfortunately and with humiliation, she was presented at the age of 5, stripped of her clothes, naked, to all the ambassadors, to show off her purity and that she didn’t have any other marks. Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn unfortunately was beheaded for adultery and treason when Elizabeth was still a child. Through the early stages of her life, Thomas Seymour, the husband of Catherine Parr, was trying to indulge in lustful and amorous behavior with Elizabeth. As shown he was a sexual child abuser in addition with being a pedophile. Elizabeth’s maid and assistant claimed that Thomas Seymoure entered in to Elizabeth room, at night, whilst she was sleeping and she was not wearing any clothes since women did not wear night gowns whilst sleeping, and Thomas tried to engage in more than flirtation with Elizabeth. Elizabeth stated that Thomas’s behavior towards her frightened her but also made her feel vulnerable and merely annoyed. All the events featuring Thomas Seymour’s dangerous affection towards Elizabeth were reported to Catherine Parr. At the start of all these incidents, Seymour denied all allegations of sexually abusing Elizabeth, and was discharged stating that it was just some innocent fun. The issue was dismissed by Catherine Parr, however, when Catherine was pregnant she felt the need to send away Elizabeth to Hertfordshire, and move her and Thomas’s household to Sudeley castle due to her concern of Thomas’s flirtatious relationship with Elizabeth. We also know that Elizabeth had a tough

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