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Elizabeth I Elizabeth I wasn't the best of leaders, but she was close. Not only did she have an inspiring story, but she also had a struggle to get the throne. Not only was she abused, but she was confident in her reign. Born on Sunday, September 7, 1533, the daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth had her fathers nose and her mothers eyes. Because she came right into a royal family, her birth became a royal ceremony. As David Starkey stated in Elizabeth:The Struggle for the Throne, “It paraded the new-born infant like a pageant.” However, because her father wanted so much for a boy and her birth was greatly disappointed. Almost everyone was waiting for the birth of a boy, in fact, the king actually expected it. Mary, who was Elizabeth's half – sister, was unhappy when she had to live in their household. Mary wasn't allowed to have access to her biological mother, Katharine of Aragon. Elizabeth was around two years old when her mother was executed. After that, her life was never really as good as it used to be. Of course she was too young to remember much but it did impact her future life. After her mother had died, not only was her parents marriage annulled, but she was no longer called princess and became Lady Elizabeth. Withing only a few days of her mothers death, Henry ended up marrying again. This time to a woman named Jane Seymour, who was Anne's maid of honor. Elizabeth's governess soon realized that she was beginning to be neglected and she thought she should write to the King to ask him and make sure Elizabeth had everything she needed. Including new clothes because the pairs that she had were getting too small. After Henry finally received a son, Jane soon died Whitham 2 days after. Since both Prince Edward and Elizabeth had grown up without a mother, they had become close friends since the beginning. When she was thirteen and he was

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