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Elizabeth I Elizabeth Tudor, the “Virgin Queen”, of England was born September 17, 1533 to King Henry VIII and Queen Anne Boleyn. Elizabeth’s reign began in November of 1558, after the death of her half-sister Mary, and ended with her death in 1603. She was the last monarch of the Tudor dynasty that began with her grandfather King Henry VII in 1485. Her parents’ marriage caused turmoil in England since her father, King Henry VIII, had broken ties with the Roman Catholic Church so he could annul his marriage to his first wife, Catherine of Aragon, and marry her mother, Anne Boleyn. When Elizabeth was three her father had her mother executed because he believed she was guilty of adultery and incest. After her execution, Elizabeth was declared to be an illegitimate heir and lost her right to the throne. After her mother’s death her father married Jane Seymour who gave birth to her half-brother King Edward VI. After her father’s death Edward became King. When he died he excluded Mary and Elizabeth from the succession line and bestowed the throne to his aunt’s granddaughter, Lady Jane Grey. Her reign was short lived and Mary became the Queen. Mary and Elizabeth were at odds with their religious beliefs. Mary was a devout Catholic and Elizabeth was a Protestant. Mary also resented Elizabeth for how her mother was treated after their father had fallen in love with Elizabeth’s mother. The tension between the two never went away. After a small rebellion, that Mary thought Elizabeth had been a part of, she imprisoned Elizabeth in the Tower of London. She was not imprisoned for long when Mary decided to let her go and live under house arrest. When Mary’s reign was nearing the end and she had had no children of her own, she named Elizabeth as her heir. When Mary died in 1558 Elizabeth became Queen at the age of 25. The country was bankrupt and torn over religious

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