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Elizabeth I (Good Queen Bess) The last queen of the Tudor dynasty, Queen Elizabeth I, proved to be one of the most celebrated, and controversial leaders in English history. Born of a king whose most disappointing day was that of her birth, Elizabeth Tudor’s life seemed almost made for trials and controversy, both personally and politically. Raised in a neglectful home, and shadowed by her mother's reputation, Elizabeth did not have the royal treatment that her siblings received. From her birth, she was a disappointment, as a child she was intelligent, yet unnoticed, and the road to her 1558-1603 reign was troubled. Although she had, at times, a horrible temper and a disagreeable personality, and suffered through many physical and psychological problems as an adult, Elizabeth proved to be one of the most remarkable monarchs in English history. Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, had a daughter, Elizabeth I, on September 7, 1533. So far Elizabeth’s father, King Henry VIII, did not have any male heirs for the throne. This was a problem, so when Elizabeth was three years old her mother was beheaded. Henry and his previous wife had had a daughter, Mary, who would eventually take the throne. Henry had a son, Edward VI who took over the throne when their father died. Although she received a good education, Elizabeth was treated very poorly while she lived in the royal home. While Edward was in reign, Elizabeth moved to live with a purely Protestant Aunt. After Edward died, Mary I took over the throne. Mary caught word that people were going to try to overthrow her to place her sister on the throne because Mary was Catholic. As a result of the rumors, Mary had Elizabeth removed from her Aunt’s home and mader her live in a tower. Mary grew sick with a tumor and passed away, which left the throne to Elizabeth. Elizabeth then ruled as a Protestant which

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