Elizabeth is a Hero

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Elizabeth is a Hero A hero is someone who does something above the normal level of achievement, someone who is ready to give his or her life to a more valuable thing than them. According to that statement, Elizabeth is a true hero. She uses her position in uniting England, eliminating its enemies and bringing religious peace to the people of the English kingdom, therefore Elizabeth is truly a hero. She unites England by her personal judgment. Rather than seeking her own happiness, she gives her power to make the people of England proud and have a great value that can even reach her value. Elizabeth is a hero in the part when all her actions were selfless and for something bigger than herself, she eliminates the enemies that reduce the security of her people. Elizabeth risks her life to kill the ambassador of France and killing the internal enemies that are inside England itself. She not only brings security to the people of England but to show that even though England is under a woman’s rule it can still be a thread. Elizabeth creates a lot of reasons that can lead her to be killed by many from other countries, but as a hero she realizes that and goes ahead with them anyways. Finally she does her best in bringing religious peace among the English. Elizabeth knows that certain religions are ignored while others are given more than enough, which is why she allows different religions to worship in the same church. Elizabeth makes up goals she wants to achieve for her people. By going through difficulties and putting the peace and wealth of the English people over her own, Queen Elizabeth is a true
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