elizabeth the I and Catherine the great Essay

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Elizabeth I and Catherine the Great The topic of my paper if of Elizabeth I of England and Catherine the Great of Russia, this essay will discuss how both rulers came to power and their role in religion, what kind of ruler they were and with what kind of style they used to rule. I will also be discussing the kind of men that came in and out of both Elizabeth’s and Catherine’s life and what kind of impact these men made in their lives and as rulers. Lastly I would like to compare both women as rulers and see their similarities in power. Queen Elizabeth I ruled from 1558-1603 (Sherman, Salisbury 1963), she inherited the throne after the death of Queen “Bloody” Mary, Elizabeth’s Half sister. This period of time was also referred to as the “Golden Age” because of the great achievements in England. Elizabeth I was a committed protestant who took her faith seriously (Tyranov, Alexey 2001). The English form of Protestantism was defined in two parts enacted during Elizabeth’s reign, the Act of Uniformity In 1559 which is when she established a church and the Thirty-nine articles of 1563. The act of Uniformity established a common prayer book and set the basic ceremonies of the church. Elizabeth I wanted the church to appeal to both catholic and protestant people because the Catholics clung to their faith and threatened to remove the queen, she believed people would become accustomed to the religions of the church and that eventually the Catholics would die out and people would turn to the religion she established that was Protestant (Tyranov, Alexey 2001). Catherine the Great ruled from 1762-1796, she took the throne as a result of the Coup d’etat which occurred in June 1762. Catherine was born German and in her early years of her reign she had been devoted to learn the Orthodox religion, but remained persuaded by religious influences. Queen Elizabeth I was well
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