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Elizabeth Blackwell was born on February 3, 1821 in Bristol, England. She was the third of nine children born to Hannah Lane and Samuel Blackwell. Samuel Blackwell was a sugar finer who was well known in England for his somewhat liberal attitude towards religion and social ideologies, advocating the abolition of slavery and church reform. Because Samuel Blackwell was a dissenter, the Blackwell children were denied public schooling. He was a very forward thinking man and believed women should have the same education as men. Samuel hired private tutors, who went against tradition and instructed the girls in the same subjects as the boys, to school his children in History, Mathematics, Latin, and Greek. In 1832, when Elizabeth was 11years old Samuel decided to move his family to America. They settled in New York, New York. There he set up the Congress Sugar Refinery. In 1836 the refinery was burned to the ground and the family relocated to Cincinnati, Ohio.…show more content…
Her brother Henery attended the graduation ceremony and wrote back to their relatives about the celebratory event. He wrote about how the President had honored his sister with her diploma and how after she received it the audience erupted with…show more content…
Blackwell became a professor of gynecology and resigned at this position in 1877, retiring from her medical career. After retiring Blackwell spent a number of years traveling across Europe being active in both social and moral reform. She also helped found the National Health Society and published several books including her autobiography ‘Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women’ in 1895. After publishing this book Blackwell slowly faded her public presence from public reform and spent more time

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