Elites In Latin America

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Latin America has suffered from many political cycles, we may feel depression regarding the continent and this depression often leads to despair to think that we are going to live like this for the rest of our lives. But, why do Latin Americans think that there’s no way out? Why do we think that we are chained to more repetitive depressive cycles? In this essay I will explain the two elites that, in my opinion, are the ones that have led Latin America to depression, the politicians and the businessmen. “Political lies are just corporate decisions” (Testament, Souls of Black). Both politics and business are closely related in the Latin American context, just as it was described by the American metal band Testament. However, we should stop for a second and ask ourselves, do politicians own the country’s business or do businessmen own the country’s politics? If neither is correct, what is going on with Latin America’s business and politics? Politicians in Latin America are not politicians anymore, as explained by Lawrence E. Harrison “(Politicians) to be elected have to demonstrate that they are not politicians at all but something quite different: military officers, beauty queens, technocrats-anything at all except politicians” (Harrison) We have seen Fidel Castro wearing military uniforms so we can agree that Harrison is not wrong. Politicians don’t wear military uniforms because they are comfortable or they look good, they do it so the population remember they were in the military and they suffered countless years for the liberation of their people. This leads to a thinking of “He helped us before and he will do it again!” there is nothing wrong with this but when people stops paying attention to everything politicians do and only base their arguments in that way of thinking it becomes dangerous, politicians are really smart and they may use this to their advantage.
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