Elie Wiesel Dehumanization

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Dehumanization What would you do if you were forced to constantly bully somebody to death every day? Many of the soldiers who joined the SS were not okay with some of the things they were forced to do to the prisoners. The prisoners were violently forced into cattle cars, and beaten for every move they made. Their names were forgotten they became numbers. The prisoners were also given very little to eat, turning them into human skeletons. The prisoners were happier with death than to survive the camps during the time being. Day in and day out, the prisoners were treated with no respect, they had to constantly live in fear, and felt like they weren't even human beings. The acts that the SS officers took were very dehumanizing and in today's…show more content…
They were given a series of numbers that they had to remember for things such as roll call. In the autobiography “Night” the author Elie Wielsel tells his story from the Holocaust, “I became A-17713” (42). Elie said this after being assigned a number. The prisoners in the camp were addressed by number instead of their name, taking away every bit of being a human they had left. Their number was put on a piece of fabric to later be sewn onto their uniforms. This was very demoralizing to the prisoners they were stamped with a random number that meant nothing to them while in the process having their name which they had had their whole life being taken away from them. Not only did the prisoners have their names on their uniform, but at Auschwitz the prisoners were tattooed with their serial number. The SS officers had no way of identifying all the dead bodies after they had been stripped of their clothing so they tattooed the prisoner’s serial number onto their chest. This is incredible dehumanizing, the SS officers labeled them like they were cattle or meat and food products after they are packaged. The prisoners are real people with real feelings and when they are, essentially branded, it breaks down their emotions and feelings. Elie later wrote, “We were nothing but numbers”

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