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Elias Keach was born in 1667. He was the only son of the Rev. Benjamin Keach, a Baptist minister in London, England. He arrived in Philadelphia in 1686 at the age of nineteen. At that time in Philadelphia the Quakers had founded Philadelphia but it was overrun mainly by the Welsh. There was a great influence from the English and Germans. In that century, it was said that a lighthouse of liberty and the state would go all the way with the Gospel. The Welsh, along with strong influence of the English and Germans, had a lot to do with the starting of the Baptists of America. When Elias Keach arrived in Philadelphia, he was a very ungodly young man. He made himself appear like a clergy man by wearing black clothing and bands. He thought of himself as “quite a preacher” calling himself a “young London divine.” In his first meeting, he dressed in black with a clerical collar. He had the opportunity of showing his clerical talents by leading a public service. He drummed up a crowd and began to preach. Halfway through the sermon, he stopped abruptly and “looked like a man…show more content…
He was immediately elected Pastor of the Pennepek church. It has sprung many wealthy sisterhoods of churches that now make Philadelphia the home of the greatest number of Baptists in any large city in America. The church was not in one location but many around the Pennsylvania and New Jersey area, he was more of an evangelist, preaching in many now major cities such as Trenton, Salem, Cohnsey which are located in New Jersey and in Philadelphia Pennsylvania with converts in many other surrounding cities. The only church that was not apart of the Pennepek church, was the church in Cold Springs. The many branches of the Pennepek church would meet twice a year to observe the Lords supper and fellowship through soul winning and preaching, until Pastors would take them and form an independent work in the many areas he had
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