Eleven By Sandra Cisneros Essay

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Eleven How old do you feel when it is your birthday? Do you feel like you are older than you were yesterday, or do you feel the same? Do you feel like you are all the previous years all together? Some how for some reason we don’t feel like we are any older than we were yesterday: even though we feel like we should. It is what is in the year that makes us as the age that we are today. It is our experiences that age us. Even though sometime we feel like we are acting like we are three again. In Sandra Cisneros, “Eleven”, Cisneros uses very childish diction, to convey the story of an eleven year olds birthday but yet still has a very mature view. When you are eleven years old you don’t have the capability to understand more than what the past ten years have taught you. Rachel is only living in the present. She is very childish in her thinking. The author portrays how such a little thing can be so devastating to an eleven year old. How she is afraid to speak up for herself. How all she can think about is that today is her birthday and it shouldn’t be going the way it is going. All she desires is to be older than she is even if she doesn’t even feel as old as she is. Cisneros does a very good job narrating through an eleven year old. She is very descriptive to get…show more content…
Most eleven year old would not understand that. All they would be thinking about is that its and there birthday and they are a year older. She also realizes that she does not have enough experience in life by twice mentioning that she wished she were one hundred and two. She also realizes that even if she is eleven she can cry because “that’s the part of you that’s five
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